Who is ProjectMusicWorks?

ProjectMusicWorks is a nonprofit, arts and cultural organization whose purpose is to bring diverse communities and individuals together through life-affirming American roots and gospel music, and other forms of music that come from it. Through performance, charitable outreach, and other community-building activities, we seek to uplift, enrich, and educate.
We envision a world transformed by the healing power of music, where spirits are uplifted and prejudices cease.
Although we have a lot of spirit, we are not a religious organization. Rather, we  have in common a deep appreciation of and respect for roots and gospel music’s tremendous impact on our history and culture. It is our hope that by educating our audiences about the rich history and various traditions behind the music, and by telling the stories behind the songs, we will all gain a much deeper appreciation for the powerful and positive impact it has had–and still has–on us as individuals and as a society.
We strive to be an inclusive community based on the shared belief that human beings and humanity are a part of a greater and encompassing whole. Although we have different ways of understanding what that whole might be, we hope that our beliefs and the language we use to define them are never barriers to understanding what we share. Instead, we make an effort to listen to one another in order to connect, respect, and appreciate, and in so doing, work toward peace and become better human beings ourselves.

About ProjectMusicWorks

ProjectMusicWorks is a nonprofit, arts and cultural organization based in southern Maine/seacoast NH. Our  purpose is to carry an uplifting message of hope, strength, and joy to diverse audiences through music, with a focus on American roots music, including gospel, blues, jazz, R&B, Americana, and some popular music directly influenced by roots. It is our hope that by bringing the music and its rich history to different communities, we will all be brought closer together to understand the meaning of peace, equality, respect, unity, and justice.

To help the community participate directly in the experience of singing gospel music, we sponsor a secular gospel choir called Rock My Soul. It is open to anyone who can hear and retain the parts they sing; reading music is not necessary. We also sponsor a smaller group called The RMS Five. Both these groups provide quality performances.

In every age, from the time of slavery down to the present moment, when repressed individuals and disempowered communities have needed sustenance, gospel music and all other forms of American popular music that have come from it have been there as a source of strength, hope, and encouragement. In this tradition we bring roots, gospel, and other forms of American music to the disenfranchised in our own communities in order to keep that source of strength alive. For reduced fees or gratis, we sing at hospice, hospitals, mental health centers, nursing homes, and various other facilities that support those in need. Proceeds from our concert performances and donations from our sponsors help support this crucial part of our mission.

Please browse our site to find out about our music, workshops, and other community-building events.

Three Areas of Focus

PerformanceRock My Soul and The RMS Five
We provide high-quality concerts and performances for the public, suitable for all ages.
Community Outreach
Community OutreachSinging for Those in Need
We visit and sing for/with those who are going through difficulty. Never underestimate the power of music to uplift and help heal.
WorkshopsA way for the greater community to experience music's power together
Soon we will be holding workshops for the greater community. Those interested in participating in the experience of group singing and learning about the history of roots music will be able to partake in a powerful and transforming experience.