Booking and Other Information

Please contact Dawn Boyer, Artistic Director, to book Rock My Soul at festivals, concerts, and various venues. The group is suitable for families and all ages.
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About Rock My Soul

Our secular gospel choir, Rock My Soul, is made up of members from varying faiths, backgrounds, professions, ages, you name it. Our common bond is the belief in the greater good of the human spirit, and through our music, we hope to reach across divides and bring audiences together. We believe that learning from our differences makes us stronger and more accepting, and in turn, we come to understand that each and every one of us is, really, the same.

We meet every Tuesday night from 7 to 9 pm to rehearse. There’s something very powerful about gospel music, the way it reaches down into the soul and lifts people up, and we’re singing our hearts out to help others feel it the way we do.

We’re still looking for additional choir members, so if you’re interested in joining, please contact us. Also, please take a moment to read our FAQ and membership policies to get an idea of what is expected from choir members.

Director, Accompanist/Arranger, Assistant Director

Dawn Boyer, Artistic Director & Choir Director;
Mike Effenberger, Assistant Director/Accompanist/Arranger;
Jody Dugrenier, Assistant Director

Current Choir Members

Dan Allard, Linda Baran, Ginny Cole, Val Dingle, Jody Dugrenier, Chris George, Joel Grossman, Alex Krauth, Barbara Lavigne, Liz Mayer, Chris Nelson, Terry Olson, Angela Risley, Paul Scalera, Lorna Simes, Lorraine Soukop, Carol Tompkins, Paul Vail, Michaela Weinberger, Tina Weinberger, Jon Weiss, Keith Williams

How to Join Rock My Soul


Current Band Members

Mike Effenberger, piano and organ; Rob Kneeland, drums and percussion; Dan Maclellan, bass guitar; Bob Halperin, acoustic blues/slide guitar; Brett Hartenbach, acoustic guitar