Our performances for the public are exciting and fun, yes, but this video illustrates the heart of what we’re all about at ProjectMusicWorks. I came upon it from a friend’s Facebook post, and I thank her for sharing it. We’ve sung to and talked with many an Alzheimer’s patient during our community outreach performances, and the best experience in the world is to see the connection light up in someone’s eyes. After every performance, we make sure to take time to go to those who watch us, many times from wheelchairs, sometimes on stretchers, and we hold their hands and ask them about their story. And, oh, what we learn. If they can’t talk, we sing. It’s usually the old spirituals and hymns that have the most power.

I just love what happens in this video a little after four minutes in, when Gladys sings with Naomi Feil, the therapist. Naomi is so right. We all need connection, even when we can’t say so. And what better way to connect than through music and touch and a kind word? Naomi is an angel, in my opinion. Watch and see if you agree.